PS3 Blinking Red Light Wont Turn On

The advancement in every field of life is quite clear. The advancement in information technology is very fast while we compare it with other sectors or industries. The gaming industry is also growing like a flood and is flooding every person in this world. The existence of the seventh generation of a video game console is the real proof and about 6 of every 10 people are addictive to video games. That is why companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are generating a decent amount of revenue via their popular gaming consoles called Play Station 3 (PS3), Xbox 360 and Wii. Sony and Microsoft are considered to be the market leader in the gaming zone industry.
Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 have been manufactured with keeping in view the durability, ease of use and price in mind. But what happens sometimes is that they stop working suddenly. This is the worst-case scenario when you are playing your favorite game or planning to play. The most common problem that is linked with PS3 is PS3 Blinking Red Light won't Turn on.

What is PS3 Blinking Red Light won't Turn on

PS3 displays various types of lights to show what is going on within your ply station. YLOD, Red light, and green lights are displayed in PS3. YLOD is a sign of yellow light on death. In this case, your PS3 has lost its life. While blinking red light is a clear indication that your play station is not working due to some problems in your hard drive HDD and its connection with the motherboard. Initially, when u-turn on your PS3, it flashes yellow light for a split of seconds, then the light turns to red with a beep. In gamer's language, we called it PS3 blinking red light won't Turn on.

First Try This

You should try this first. Hold the eject button, turn on PS3 with the power button given at the backside. Keep holding the eject button till the time fan comes on and the disc comes out of the play station. Try it a couple of times, this helps sometimes.

Uninstall Hard Drive

If you could not rectify the red light issue, you need to uninstall the hard drive from your PS3. You can do so by using a small screwdriver. Always wear gloves while you are troubleshooting the play station.

Cleaning with High-Pressure Air

Use high-pressure air to clean all the connecting points of the hard drive. Try to clean as much as possible. Don’t rub HDD connecting points with a screw driver or hairpin. This may break the connecting points.

The Last Option

There are very strong chances that by following the above guides, you will rectify your play station 3. But, in case you cannot get it working, you have two options. Either you can contact an expert who does this as a profession or you can contact Sony. But the disadvantage with Sony is that it takes a lot of time and charges at least $150. And in most cases, you will lose all your games saved on your hard drive.

So, it is your choice and decision about what you want to do. You may not leave your PS3 as it is, because your heart won’t allow this. You know what? Your heart has become game addictive already!



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