PS3 Blinking Red Light

PS3 is a gaming console from Sony which has a huge list of lovers from all over the world. PS3 is recognized as number one in the gaming console products and has an upper edge with its competitor’s product like Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii. PS3 was released in Japan on November 2006. According to an estimate, 75 million Play Stations 3 have been sold so far all over the world. PS3 has been made with extensive research to make it durable, but sometimes it happens that it stops working. There are numerous causes of that like red light and YLOD (yellow light of death). But the most common reason is the Blinking Red Light.
Blinking red light is a situation when your PS3 starts to give red blinking light accompanying 3 beeps that sound from within your console. As a result, you cannot play on PS3 and you need to identify the cause. Usually, the most common causes of PS3 bling red light are told with the following reasons:

Hard drive not seated properly or has stop functioning
Solder cracking up due to overheating

If your hard drive is blinking red light, then you can hold the power button until the debug menu comes in and then you can try various options here. However, if the hard drive has ended up, then you may need to buy a new one. But again, if you are not sure whether the new hard drive will solve your problem, then you might up wasting money on the hard drive which is of no use to your PS3.
However, if blinking red light is the cause of the solder overheating, you have to contact Sony, They can repair it. They usually charge $100 to $300 for this work. There are people who are also providing the repair services at the different famous auction website. They will charge you a very little amount. This is totally a wrong assumption and this remedy has been spread by people who want to earn money by cheating. Of course, you will not give Sony a hundred dollars if others are claiming to repair it in a few dollars.

Experts say that the Blinking Red Light only happens due to hard drive (HDD) connection error with motherboard or corruption on your HDD. Because the HDD installed by Sony is not of the best quality, these are more prone to errors and creates red light of death errors.

Repair via Sony

Sony charges $150 and will take 6-8 weeks. Also, you may get a refurbished console and in this case, you will lose all your saved games.

Home Made Tip to Repair PS3 Blinking Red Light Problem:

You do not need to pay hundreds of dollars to Sony or other repairing technicians, you can repair it yourself. This will save a lot of time as well as Sony usually takes 6-8 weeks to fix your console. Just follow our guide:

1. Power off your PS3, open the hard drive enclosure using the screwdriver.
2. Remove the hard drive from PS3. Do not play with your HDD if it is in warranty.
3. Clean grime and dust from HDD’s connectors using a compressed air device. Try to avoid touching apparent metal parts.
4. Install the HDD back into PS3. Make sure that it is seated properly.
5. Turn on your PS3, there are strong chances that you should have fixed your Blinking Red Light issue. It is that easy, is not it!



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