Aadhar For Kids

Kids are an important portion of the total population. They are the future of any nation. Their proper statistics and registration are crucial in order to offer better services and facilities. But unfortunately, this is the most neglected portion of the population. In an effort to improve the living standard and level of facilities of this segment, the Indian Government has also approved the issuance of national identity to kids.

In India, national identity is called aadhar and is issued to any Indian residents. There is no age restriction, it means that even kids are allowed to claim their aadhar card. UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) is the Government nominated entity that is engaged in enrolling Indian residents from its thousands aadhar enrollment Centre.
Aadhar is a 12 digit unique number that contains demographic as well as biometric details of the aadhar user. It is assumed to be the most comprehensive KYC (Know Your Customer) document and is a valid proof of identity & address. For kids, the aadhar works as an initial identity document throughout India.

When we say kids, it includes newborn babies which are also eligible for aadhar card. By the passage of time, aadhar has become one of the most important documents for kids in school. Schools nowadays are not accepting the admission of kids in their schools without aadhar card. So parents have to apply for aadhar for their newborn babies to avoid any issues in the future.

Midday meal scheme which is a very popular student's beneficial facility. This is allowed to students/ kids who have their aadhar card ready and submitted to their schools. Ministry of human resource development has clearly pointed out that midday meal would no longer be offered free of cost to kids who do not have aadhar card.

Please note that aadhar for kids is called Baal Aadhar and is issued in Blue color. The procedure to get aadhar for kids is very simple. Just like adults, you have to take your kids to any aadhar Centre. The documents required for e aadhar download for kids are guardian's Aadhar and child's birth certificate, which is normally issued by the local council/ district in which kid was born.

It is important to note here is that kids with age up to 05 years are not required to give biometric details. So, your little kids will not have to face the hectic process of giving fingers prints for all fingers and Iris. So, the process will hardly take few minutes. Your kid's aadhar is linked to the parent's aadhar. This is the same technique that is already being used in various modern countries. This helps the Government in organizing the population data according to the family as well.

When your kid turns over 05 years, his or her biometric and Iris (eye scan) is taken but aadhar will remain the same. The second biometric will be taken after 10 years of the time when your kid will enter into 15 years of age. This is to make sure biometric details that changed due to the age factor could be updated.



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