Aadhar For Business

Registration of population in the country is a very important task and that is why, every Government in this world, gives this task a high-level priority. Normally, when we talk about registration, we count the only individuals. However, the Government takes this as a golden tool for businesses as well. As registration of businesses is very beneficial for the Government in achieving its economic objectives.
Businesses are the main sources of funds for Government in the forms of taxes. These taxes can be in the form of direct taxes such as income tax, withholding taxes and in the form of indirect taxes such as sales tax, value-added taxes, etc.

The main purpose of aadhar for business is that a large portion of companies exists in the form of small and medium-size entities. These are called micro small medium Enterprises (MSME) and this was essential to cover their interest for the betterment of the country. In India, these are called Aadhar Udyog and small and medium-size entities are taking a lot of interest since its inception throughout India.

There are numerous benefits of getting aadhar for business. Here, we will cover some of them as follows:

Legal Status - In order to protect your interest and your business, it is essential that you get your business registered with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). In case of any issues from supplier or customer, you can defend your case in a court of law due to legal status. Large size entities are registered with Company Registrar, however, small and medium-size entities often face difficulties.

Trademarks & Patents - If you are looking to register trademarks and patents, there will be a huge reduction in fees that will be available to you as an e aadhar for the business registered entity. So, make sure you become registered with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) well before applying for trade & patent registration.

Tax Exemption - There is an enormous amount of tax rebate is available to entities registered with aadhar under direct tax laws of India. So, if you want to enjoy rebates, it is the right time to apply for aadhar Udyog. This enrollment process will not take much effort and time. A little effort will pay you in the long run.

Interest-Free Loan - There are several Government based loan scheme for small and medium-size entities that can only be taken if your business is registered with UIDAI through aadhar for business. Often, businesses get failed due to non-payment of interest amount along with the principal amount. By saving on the amount of interest, you have free money to invest in your business for growth and success.

Utility Bills - As a registered business with UIDAI, you can easily get concessions in utility bills such as electricity. Electricity bill is a major portion of overhead expenses in the production of goods. So, reduction in the bill will definitely improve your profitability and future business growth.



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